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VEGETARIANISM: Good People Making Bad Choices

VEGETARIANISM: Good People Making Bad Choices After years of studying and debating the merits of vegetarianism, I can honestly say I have yet to hear an argument for vegetarianism that holds water. I'm reluctant to take on this topic because it's such a touchy subject. Nevertheless, these are the facts. Decide for yourself. One: Humans are biologically designed to eat meat. Animals that are pure vegetarians have blunt teeth while carnivores have fangs. Humans have blunt teeth and two incisors, which in a way are "fangs" or at least sharper teeth designed for tearing. ( They're also known as eye teeth since they're positioned beneath each eye). For several thousand decades, humans have been omnivores, eating both meat and plants. It stands to reason that after so many years of maintaining this form of sustenance that a sudden halt in the process would be unnatural, and in all likelihood, unhealthy. Two: Few animals are purely vegetarian. Horses ingest insects that are in the hay they eat. It's been discovered that horses bred on hay which has been "processed" (cleaned of all insect life) didn't grow to full maturity. Apes, also thought to be strictly vegetarian, eat insects as well. Chimpanzees in captivity will eat cooked beef on a regular basis. (very interesting) A comparison is often made to the similarities of the digestive tract of the non-meat eating gorilla and that of a human, but humans produce enzymes that a gorilla does not. Three: Things must die in order for others to live. Vegetarians are not excluded from killing. I doubt that very many would allow vermin to share their living quarters. It's life, isn't it? Every time you clean your house, you're killing life forms. They may be small but where do we draw the line? As for those who will eat fish but avoid red meat at all costs, all I can say is, a fish has as much of a right to live as a cow does. I never fail to get a kick out of the vegetarian who doesn't eat any life form for ethical purposes, yet willwear leather. Besides, who's to say an apple doesn't feel pain when it is picked from the vine? Four: Vegetarians don't live longer. The common claim that a no-meat diet is somehow healthier has absolutely no validity. If that were the case, where are all the 120 year old vegetarians? The P.E.T.A. herd likes to make the case that the vegetarian lifestyle will prevent cancer but there's been no concrete evidence that the cancer rate is any lower than it is among meat eaters. I've learned to no longer discuss the topic of vegetarianism in public. To each his own. There was a time when if a friend who was vegetarian was eating a plate of lettuce and carrots for lunch, I would exclaim, "That's not food -- that's what food eats." I'm a much more sensitive person these days. Now I just enjoy my roast chicken and rack of ribs and politely smile. I know he wants some. 

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