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PVL Now Available at Whole Foods Canada

Canadian legacy brand Pure Vita Labs (PVL) has expanded their distribution and has made their products available at Whole Foods store locations across Canada. This is for their Performance Series (the white/green/blue line) which will include their 100% Pure BCAA, 100% Pure Glutamine, Plant Pro, and MCT Oil. PVL joins Vital Proteins, Kaizen, Schinoussa, Vega, Love Good Fats, Ancient Nutrition, Garden of Life, Bulletproof and several other companies distributed in Whole Foods. A couple of weeks back we told you about the news the PVL Gold Series new EAA + BCAA Complete which is a killer formula, we're now happy to PVL continuing to bring quality sports nutrition products to more Canadians. The distribution deal was put together in a collaboration between sales broker David Whalen, distribution giant Peak Performance Products and the team at PVL. Whole Foods has 13 locations across Canada with 7 of these in Ontario. Check the brand’s website (https://www.pvl.com/) for more exciting announcements coming soon! To have a new supplement previewed email info@muscleinsider.com.

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