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MuscleTech Hydroxycut Hardcore Super Elite

A few weeks ago, we brought you word of the MuscleTech rebrand that we got an inside look at from the minds behind the brand. What an exciting overhaul of their branding for the entire line-up of products. Products have been organized into three distinct categories, based on consumer lifestyles. The categories consist of Health and Fitness, which is branded in white containers, Performance is found in black bottles and the Elite Series in black bottles with grey labels. Among the 3 “series” of product lines, the Elite Series is the highest performance series where you’ll find the highest doses and newest ingredients. One of the standout products in this Elite Series is the MuscleTech Hydroxycut Hardcore Super Elite. This advanced thermogenic is formulated to provide explosive energy, focus, and to support weight loss. The impressive ingredient list consists of 0.3 mg Thiamin, 349 mg Choline Bitartrate, 290 mg caffeine, 200 mg Green Coffee Extract, 200 mg ALA, 100 mg Zynamite®, 50 mg Sage Extract, 50 mg Jujube Extract, 20 mg Grains of Paradise, 5.3 mg BioPerine, and 10 mcg Huperzine-A.

 is a branded ingredient made by Nektium, which is a raw material manufacturer based in Spain on the island of Gran Canaria. We have already seen this ingredient used by South African supplement company Evolve, as well as Azoth, Swift Stims, and Liz Gaspari’s Chaos Crew. Zynamite® is a sustainable botanical ingredient, sourced from a proprietary standardized extract of leaves from a selection of Mangifera indica, the mango tree, that is caffeine-free and is ideal for boosting mental and physical energy.

Each bottle of MuscleTech Hydroxycut Hardcore Super Elite has 120 rapid-release thermo capsules, which provides 60 servings per container. It is available directly from the MuscleTech website for $49.99.

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