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Granite Supplements Now In Canada

We were stunned when earlier this year we almost lost John Meadows as he suffered from a heart attack. It’s an understatement to say we were relieved to hear that he made a full recovery and is back at it. He has not let up on continuing to build the Granite Supplements brand. The big news was just recently announced that Granite Supplements is now in Canada. Granite Supplements Recovery Blue Crush and Fruit Blast flavors, Thermo Burn, Essential Aminos (EAA) Strawberry Lemonade, and Pre-Mium (Pre-workout) Watermelon Candy and Tangerine Blast flavors, are distributed by our friends at Empire Health Distribution, to retailers across Canada. Canadian fans have been waiting a long time for this line, as we saw the line teased in Canada in 2019 at the Vancouver Pro Show, Toronto Pro SuperShow, and in November at the Popeye’s Fall Classic.

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