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Back in 1997, I released a report entitled "Steroids For Health" and at the time, I had no idea the impact it would have. This was due mostly to timing. The internet was new and there was still limited information on the topic of steroids as it pertained to bodybuilding. Although I didn't have much scientific training, I did manage to draw some common sense conclusions that the then experts seemed to have missed. For example, I made the observation that stacking two or more drugs was more effective simply because it was "more drugs." I also concluded that steroids aren't all that different in terms of receptor site acceptance. In other words, it was the overall milligram strength of the drug that was the factor in its effectiveness. Winstrol was considered a weak drug while Anadrol was considered a strong drug. Yet Winstrol is a 2mg tab while Anadrol is a 50 mg tab! Of course it's stronger! Pretty simple eh? Nevertheless, it was something that was overlooked by the reigning authorities and my laymen's insights got me on the map, so to speak. It seemed as if one day I was looking for anything written by Dan Duchaine and the next day I had his home phone number. Before I knew it, I was known as a "drug guru" -- a title I neither expected or wanted, and in many ways, I regret. In spite of some technical flaws, Steroids For Health became a blueprint of sorts for responsible drug use (if there is such a thing). The down side of that dubious distinction is that many people viewed it as a license to use steroids. The following is a reworking of the concepts of SFH geared toward the bodybuilder set on using anabolic steroids. It is submitted as a source of information, not an endorsement. 

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