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Alani Nu Fit Snacks Gummy Bears


Earlier this year we brought you word of the new Alani Nu Fit Snacks Protein Bars arriving in Canada. Well, our friends over at Peak Performance Nutrition have done it again by bringing us word that Alani Nu Fit Snacks Gummy Bears have arrived! Are there any of us that didn’t grow up snacking on gummy bears as a kid, or maybe even a little now that we’re adults? The difference is, with Fit Snacks Gummy Bears, you don’t have to feel guilty about indulging in this sweet treat. Each 50-gram bag is only 90 total calories, with just 3 grams of sugar. These have been such a success, that they sold out shortly after the initial launch. You may want to stock on these just to make sure you don’t get caught short once word of their arrival spreads. To have a new supplement previewed, email info@muscleinsider.com


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