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Vega Protein and Energy Preview


Vega has been a well-known name in the sports nutrition industry for many years now. The recent addition of Vega Protein & Energy offers a different approach to your protein needs, by giving you a boost of caffeine energy coming from whole coffee fruit sourced from premium Arabica coffee fruit. Each serving has 160 calories and provides 20 grams of plant-based protein, 5 grams of fat (3 grams coming from MCT oil), 5 grams of carbs, with no added sugar, and 100 mg of caffeine. Vega Protein & Energy is not only a vegan formula, but it is also keto-friendly and made with no artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners. This new product comes in two flavors, Classic Chocolate, and Vanilla Bean. In Canada, we found this available in a 1 kg bottle, which provides 33 servings per container, for $79.99. This works out to roughly $2.42 per serving.

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