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Revolution Protein Gummies Preview

Revolution Nutrition has just released Protein Gummies. Each serving is 44 grams which delivers 16 grams of protein making this a 36% protein by weight. Protein sources are from hydrolyzed collagen, peptides and gelatin. Carb count is at 20 grams which is 45% carbohydrate but keep in mind that 10 grams of that is fiber. Sugar alcohol dose is 4 grams which is made of xylitol and maltitol. It also has no artificial flavours or colours and the price is set at $29.99 for 308 grams. The only drawback to Revolution Nutrition's Protein Gummies is that one bottle gives you just 7 servings which makes this a $4.28 per serving product. To have a new supplement previewed email info@muscleinsider.com.

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