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Tribute to the Czech muscle Titan Radek Lonc (PART 1)

Radek Lonc was born in 1977 and lives in Liberec, Czech Republic. If you are the type of muscle fan who thinks that "The bigger is the better", then Radek is your man because we are talking about a tall solid-build man (like a powerlifter) who is not famous for his perfect muscle definition and symmetry but for his brutal mass and the fact that he is the most massive and powerful Czech bodybuilder. Radek is also known for the size of his biceps (57cm/22'') and his chest volume (150cm/59''). 
Enjoy the Titan!

Body Stats:

Height: 183cm/6'
Off season weight: 136-140kg/300-310lb
Competition weight: 118kg/260lb

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