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The bodybuilding King of Afghanistan - IFBB Pro Yasin Qaderi (PART 1)

His full name is Ahmad Yasin Salik Qaderi and he was born in Kabul in 1987. He started weight training in 2002 and he has always been dreaming about becoming a competitive professional bodybuilder. He won several titles in his country like "Mr. Kabul" and twice "Mr. Afghanistan" in 2008 and 2017. 
In 2017, the Afghan champion also won the gold medal at the Asian Bodybuilding Championships in South Korea and the WBPF Mr. Universe! 
Yasin Qaderi has been an IFBB Pro bodybuilder since 2018 and he is the first athlete to have achieved this in Afghanistan's bodybuilding history! 
Bodybuilding is one of the most popular sports in the country and it was even allowed during the Taliban regime, that's why Yasin Qaderi is considered like a hero. 
His next goal is the Mr. Olympia's stage. We wish him the best!

Country: Afghanistan
Birthdate: 1987
Height: ?
Off season weight: ?
Competition weight: +100kg/220lb

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