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Romanian hunk Roberto Alexandru (PART 1)

Roberto Alexandru is a tall bodybuilder born in 1994 in Bucharest, Romania. 
When he was a kid he used to practice different sports like handball, basketball, swimming, tennis, football and karate. 
Roberto was too skinny (62kg/137lb) and decided to start gym when he was 16yo. He began to grow without supplements because he had no job yet, until he started to work at 18yo and then he was able to invest in his body. 

Roberto entered his first contest at 19yo with diet information he read from the internet and became Overall Champion! Then a lot of people and trainers told him that he has a great genetic potential, so he started the hard work. 

At his first contest in 2013, his weight was 91kg/201lb on the stage, today Roberto Alexandru is a heavyweight bodybuilder and personal trainer based in Dubai. 

His goal is to become and have a career as a Pro bodybuilder. We wish him the best!

Body stats:
Height: 188cm/6'2''
Off season weight: 125-130kg/275-287lb
Competition weight: 112kg/247lb

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