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Master Greek bodybuilder Triantafyllos Maragos

Triantafyllos Maragos lives in Athens and he is one of the greatest Master bodybuilding Champions in Greece. He has been into competitive bodybuilding since 1998 and he has won several contests in Greece and abroad. 

The world of Professional Bodybuilding welcomed the new IFBB Elite Pro Triantafyllos Maraggos from Greece. This legendary Bodybuilding Champion won two gold medals in the IFBB Nafplio Classic 2019 winning the Masters Men Bodybuilding Category plus the Overall.
A week later he got the 1st place in the Masters’ Men Bodybuilding and the golden medal for Greece in the IFBB Arnold Classic Europe Barcelona 2019.
More competitions will take place soon.

Country: Greece
Birthdate: 1973
Height: 177cm/5'10''
Off season weight: 120kg/265lb
Competition weight: 100kg/220lb

Photo credits: 
- Xbody.gr
- Dimitris Seitaridis
- Panos Paraskevas/Bodybuilding Passione 
- Bodybuilding.gr

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