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IFBB Pro Victor "The Dominican Dominator" Martinez (PART 1)

Victor Martinez was born in 1973 in San Francisco de Macoris, Dominican Republic. When he was a child, he moved with his family to New York. 
As a teenager he used to play baseball, basketball and football. From playing competitive sports he easily transitioned into weight lifting and training.
Victor's bodybuilding career started in 1997 when he competed in the NPC New York Metropolitan Championships where he won the Light-heavyweight Class and the Overall Title. 
In 2001 he competed in his first IFBB Pro event, the Night of Champions, and placed 8th. Ever since Martinez went pro it seemed he was destined to be the next Mr. Olympia. He placed 9th at the IFBB Mr. Olympia in 2004, then 5th in 2005, 3rd in 2006, and 2nd in 2007 where he lost from Jay Cutler. In 2007 he won the first place at the IFBB Arnold Classic which is one of his career's highlights.

Enjoy the size of the Dominican Dominator!

Pro career:

2001 IFBB Night of Champions, 8th
2002 IFBB Arnold Classic, 13th
2002 IFBB Ironman Pro Invitational, 9th
2003 IFBB Night of Champions, 1st
2004 IFBB Mr. Olympia, 9th
2004 IFBB GNC Show of Strength Pro Championship, 1st
2005 IFBB Arnold Classic, 7th
2005 IFBB New York Pro Championship, 3rd
2005 IFBB Mr. Olympia, 5th
2005 IFBB San Francisco Pro Invitational, 5th
2006 IFBB Arnold Classic, 3rd
2006 IFBB Mr. Olympia, 3rd
2007 IFBB Arnold Classic, 1st
2007 IFBB Mr. Olympia, 2nd
2009 IFBB Arnold Classic, 2nd
2009 IFBB Mr. Olympia, 6th
2010 IFBB Mr. Olympia, 8th
2011 IFBB Arnold Classic, 3rd
2011 IFBB Mr. Olympia, 4th
2011 IFBB Arnold Classic Madrid, 1st
2013 IFBB New York Pro Championship, 2nd
2013 IFBB Toronto Pro Supershow, 1st
2013 IFBB Mr. Olympia, 11th
2013 IFBB Arnold Classic Madrid, 5th
2014 IFBB Arnold Classic, 4th
2014 IFBB Wings Of Strength PBW Tampa Pro, 1st
2014 IFBB Arnold Classic Europe, 4th
2014 IFBB EVLs Prague Pro, 7th
2014 IFBB San Marino, 5th
2015 IFBB New York Pro, 2nd
2015 IFBB Arnold Classic Brasil, 4th
2015 IFBB Mr. Olympia, 9th
2015 IFBB Arnold Classic Europe, 7th 

Country: Dominican Republic
Birthdate: 1973
Height: 175cm/5'9''
Competition weight: 109-113kg/240-250lb
Off season weight: 118-132kg/260-290lb

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