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IFBB Pro Sahar Kazes from Israel

Sahar Kazes is a young (born in 1991) rising bodybuilding star from Tel Aviv and he has been an IFBB Pro since 2018. He works as a nutrition consultant and owns an online nutrition system in Israel. 
As a child he used to see strong and muscular guys, so he wanted to be like them some day. At the age of 17 he started working out in a gym and the results he saw from his hard work on his body made him realize that bodybuilding was the most important thing in his life and at this time his biggest dream was to get the IFBB Pro Card. Sahar didn't have the support of his family and everything he did was by himself. He first competed in 2013 and the next year he got the Overall Title IFBB Mr. Israel 2014. 
Sahar's biggest goal now is to gain enough muscle mass to compete some day on the Mr. Olympia's stage beside the biggest bodybuilders of the planet. We wish him the best!

Country: Israel
Birthdate: 1991
Height: ?
Competition weight: 90kg/200lb
Off season weight: ?

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