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IFBB Pro Hadi "The Persian Wolf" Choopan - Gym photo shoot 2017

Sometimes professional competitive bodybuilding at the level of Mr. Olympia is not only unfair but also inhuman, in my opinion. At least this is the case for Iranian IFBB Pro Hadi Choopan. Although the Iranian great athlete was qualified to take part in the Mr. Olympia 2017, he failed to get his visa. Can you imagine the tragic position they put him after all his sacrifices for his preparation stealing from him the right to travel and compete? So but so tragic and disappointing! 

Hadi Choopan started his rise in the bodybuilding industry when he won the IFBB Diamond Cup 2016 in Dubai, and his Pro Status. Only two days later, he made his Pro debut in IFBB Sheru Classic Pro Show 2016 finishing at the 2nd place after the Dutch bodybuilding star Roelly Winklaar
From there, The Persian Wolf continued to participate in IFBB professional shows becoming known for his fantastic conditioning.

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