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Brazilian bodybuilding super star - IFBB Pro Rafael Brandao (PART 1)

Brazilian bodybuilding super star - IFBB Pro Rafael Brandao (PART 1)

Rafael Brandao was born (in 1993) and raised in Garcia, a small town of Brazil. This young man is one of the most famous bodybuilders in his country and with his aesthetic physique he's also among the rising stars in the international bodybuilding scene. He won his IFBB Pro Card in 2016 and has the potential (muscle mass and symmetry) for a successful bodybuilding career. 

Rafael made his professional debut at the IFBB San Marino Pro 2017 where he took the 8th place but he has improved his performance through competitions. Rafael Brandao was a young man who was fed up with being skinny (he suffered some kind of bullying) so he decided to join a gym to get big. It wasn't easy for him to gain muscle mass due to his fast metabolism despite the amount of food he used to eat but with hard work he achieved this goal thanks to his very good genetics. He started weightlifting as a 55kg/120lb teenager and today he's the incredible muscle beast we see and admire as big muscle maniacs we are!

Country: Brazil
Birthdate: 1993
Height: 180cm/5'11''
Off season weight: 116kg/256lb
Competition weight: 111kg/245lb

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